Lunch at RoundRocks and a September Chapter Meeting

Lunch At RoundRocks!

RoundRocks and Cache Anglers are teaming for a friendly get together on Saturday, September 7. RoundRocks will be running some promotions and Cache Anglers will be recruiting members for Trout Unlimited. If you’re heading out for some adventuring, let us help by feeding you lunch. Stop by RoundRocks at 530 S. Main Street in Logan (look for the giant dry fly in the photo above). Chef Donicio Gomez will be serving up burgers and brats with trimmings from 11 a.m. til 3 p.m., or until he runs out of food. Members of Cache Anglers will be on hand to answer questions about local fishing conditions, conservation issues, and Trout Unlimited membership.

Join Trout Unlimited on Saturday and walk away with a free hat and a dozen flies.

Coming up later this month, we will have a chapter meeting where we’ll discuss the summer’s activities. We’re looking for a guest speaker, too. If you or someone you fish with could speak for 10-20 minutes on how to fish the waterways of Cache Valley, please contact Cache Anglers ASAP!

If you want to help out with any of these activities, please e-mail


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