Teaser Promo for New Trout Unlimited Film by Tight Line Media

The Oneida Narrows (Photo copyright Chadd VanZanten)
Kris Millgate of Tight Line Media released this teaser promo for a film she recently produced for Trout Unlimited called “The Narrows.” The film’s title refers to the Oneida Narrows, a stretch of the Bear River in southeastern Idaho. The Oneida Narrows area is one of the last unaltered sections of the Bear River that is publicly accessible. Also famous for its beauty and recreational appeal, including fabulous fly fishing, the Narrows have long been surrounded by controversy sparked by an ongoing proposal by Twin Lakes Canal Company to construct a new dam there. Members of Cache Anglers and Trout Unlimited (among many, many others) have been involved in a protracted effort to shut down the dam proposal, and although TLCC has been dealt some major setbacks lately, it’s often very hard to tell when a dam proposal is really dead.

Millgate’s film also features two members of Cache Anglers, Stephen Duffner and Bradley Hansen, who fish the area regularly throughout the year.

Stay tuned for a longer article explaining the history and current status of the Oneida Narrows controversy.


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