January Meeting: Fly Tying!

Cache Anglers Fly Tying Night is Wednesday, 30 January! RSVP to chaddd@gmail.com to reserve your seat! (Photo copyright Russ Beck.)Been fishing lately?

Yeah, me neither. If you answered yes, all I can say to you is: “Are you nuts?”

We’re definitely in the grips of fly tying weather, and Cache Anglers is ready to take advantage of it by meeting for a session of fly tying on Wednesday, January 30. We’ve showed hundreds of kids how to tie — let’s find out if we still know how to tie for ourselves.

Cache Anglers will furnish hooks and supplies (excluding thread). Instruction will be supplied by our own Dayne Allen of Round Rocks. All you have to bring is a vice and tools (and your bifocals). The catch is that our meeting room will hold a limited number of tiers, so we will have to use a reservation system and limit the seats to 15. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. with a bit of chapter business, and the fly tying will commence directly after. We’ll reserve space for those who just want to observe. Cache Anglers meets at the BIO-WEST offices at 1063 W. 1400 N. in Logan (enter at the conference room door on the west side of the building).

The general theme will be “winter flies.” More info about that will be available as we get closer to the meeting, but you can expect an interesting demonstration from Dayne and some exceptional instruction. These reservations could go fast, so please RSVP to chaddd@gmail.com before midnight on Friday, January 25. Until then, preference will be given to members of Cache Anglers, but after that, if we still have space, we’ll open it up to everyone. (That’s your cue to head over to Trout Unlimited‘s website and sign up…) Also, serious reservations only, please. Your RSVP is your commitment to attend.

Big thanks to Dayne for donating his time to this meeting!

Please watch for more Cache Anglers news. Upcoming events include a presentation by Cache Angler and environmental historian Bradley Hansen on the introduction of nonnative aquatic species in Utah, and another visit by bamboo rodmaker Jason Zicha.


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